Bath has always been popular with residential property investors and it’s easy to see why. With a limited property supply, demand from prospective tenants is consistently good across the price ranges and our location convenient for good transport links with a well reported quality of life should ensure this continues.

Why property?

For many people, the expression ‘bricks and mortar’ conjures up images of security and above all, it represents a tangible asset rather than numbers on a share certificate. Purchased wisely, an investment property should provide a regular monthly income over a period of years and may also benefit from a gain in Capital value.

Who is buying?

We act for private individuals, Companies and Charities. Often property is bought as part of an investment strategy, for others this is the only investment they trust!

What to buy?

Every individual expresses different needs for their investment. Some require an immediate return with less concern for capital growth, whilst others take a longer term view and perhaps buy with a capital gain in mind. Once your specific requirements are established, Stonier Hobbs can adapt their service accordingly to best fulfil your needs.


As with any investment, a risk element must always be considered and property is no exception. The property market in the United Kingdom has proved to be cyclical but with a finite supply of homes, Bath fares better than many locations should prices reduce. Over many years, rental inflation has been steady, making budgeting much easier. Stonier Hobbs can assist with appraisal of any opportunity, considering not only demand but also maintenance requirements for both the short and long term.

Is it for me?

This type of investment does not suit all circumstances or situations. Stonier Hobbs will always give you honest advice and would much rather deal with a satisfied customer! For an initial discussion at no cost, please contact Duncan Stonier

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