Viewing Protocol for Property Sales

We’re fortunate that the housing market is still very much open at present but there are guidelines to follow;

1.       Viewings – These can still carry on but there has to be a genuine need, looking at homes because you’re curious is not acceptable.

2.       Can you proceed? – Don’t ask to view if you’re not ready and able to make a decision. If you need to sell to buy and you haven’t got your own home up for sale, we will respectfully decline your viewing request unless there are exceptional circumstances. The same applies to tenancy applications if you’re not planning to move within two months.

3.       At the appointment – We can only show a maximum of two people the property at a viewing. Please wear a mask and gloves, you may also be asked to remove your footwear. We’ll ask you to respect social distancing and would like to spend as little time in the property as possible.

And a few absolute golden rules;

1.       Please do not bring your pet to a viewing, this is happening more and more, it is totally unacceptable. The animal will not be allowed into the property under any circumstances.

2.       Children like to touch everything so they’ll have to stay outside with a parent if they come along.

3.       Don’t bring your coffee mug with you and expect to view whilst carrying it. Not only is it rude, should you manage to drop it there will be an embarrassing clean-up to deal with.

4.       Please don’t take photographs or video recordings without our express permission.

5.       Do look at the floorplans, video tour and photographs before you make an appointment. If there’s something specific you need, ask us first. It may save us all a wasted trip.

6.       Please do your research first. Don’t just look because the property is in your price range. Tools like Street View and Google Earth are excellent for home hunters. You could save yourself a great deal of time and effort.

February 8th, 2021

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